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Controlling asthma in young and old

Bronchial asthma, the most common chronic childhood disease these days, often stays with the young patients into their adult years. InfectoPharm asthma products offer treatment in compliance with the relevant guidelines. They help both children and adults to control their disease and to live a normal life with the least possible impairment.

Rapid help for respiratory infections

Autumn comes with its inevitable companions: dry cough, bronchitis, croup or colds. Particularly in infants and young children, even simple infections often lead to breathing difficulties and obstructions.

Our respiratory products provide effective and well-tolerated treatment options, even for babies, for the most common respiratory infections. Children and parents can quickly breathe easily again.

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Quickly accessible information about all InfectoPharm products

As a physician or pharmacist, you can quickly and easily learn about all InfectoPharm products in our products section [in German] and download or request important information.

To nurseries, schools and other institutions (e.g. local health care authorities) in Germany, we provide information leaflets free of charge; please register your request here.