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Clinical aspects

Targeting bacterial resistance

Increasing rates of bacterial resistance pose particular challenges for antibiotic therapy in hospitals. We support hospital physicians with special active substances, which, even under difficult circumstances, are effective or help to avoid the development of resistance. We particularly focus our attention on infections associated with cystic fibrosis.

InfectoPharm's hospital marketing and sales concepts are based on 3 mainstays:

  • A unique consulting service focusing on infectious diseases: Consilium Service
  • A direct marketing programme, closely linked with the Consilium Service and providing over twelve contacts/year to target group physicians
  • An experienced sales team of key account managers who regularly contact key opinion leaders and decision makers in almost all tertiary care hospitals in Germany.

The Consilium Service: a unique consulting service on infectious diseases

Key facts

Experience in consulting doctors 24 years
Cooperating hospital experts approx. 90
Written expert statements* > 7.300
Scientific full text articles* >18.000
Product neutral  
*in database  

In cooperation with a total of approx. 300 leading experts (including nearly 90 hospital specialists) InfectoPharm answers questions (product and non product related) from practice based and hospital doctors by telephone or in writing. The service is promotion free. Combined with its short turnaround times and closely practiceoriented content it has gained high recognition within the target groups.