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Research and studies at InfectoPharm

InfectoPharm conducts extensive clinical studies in compliance with the latest medical standards in independent clinics as well as research institutes and almost exclusively in Germany. We always collaborate with renowned experts in their field who are closely involved in our studies. This ensures that InfectoPharm can continue to offer special medicinal products in the future. InfectoPharm products always reflect the latest insights in medical science, thus guaranteeing both efficacy and safety.

The primary aim in our research activities is to achieve improvements for the patients concerned. As a medium-sized family company, our research concentrates particularly on the needs of our youngest patients, thereby helping to improve the offer of paediatric medicines, inadequate still at present. Therefore we are always keen to break new grounds, e.g. in the treatment of cystic fibrosis or severe infections with problem micro-organisms that have become resistant to almost all antibiotics. The same also applies to such trivial and unpleasant topics as lice infestations or scabies. The completion of clinical trials, marketing authorisations and market launches confirms every time the success of our product concepts and proves that we have the right approach to continue our constant research effort.