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Company profile

Our concept: in a class of our own

InfectoPharm is an independent family-owned business.

Thanks to our outstanding marketing approach and focussed product development of new pharmaceutical forms for known active substances we enjoy a leading market position in the paediatrics field.

Our product portfolio consists of more than 75 products. Our aim is to offer health care professionals and patients a special benefit with each InfectoPharm product and service. Our research is oriented towards meeting practical needs. The same applies to our incomparable range of services.

Since the establishment of our company 25 years ago, we have worked intensively in the field of paediatric infectious diseases. Over the years we have continuously broadened our expertise and thus are now able to offer unique products and services in additional therapeutic fields such as clinical infectious diseases, pneumology and dermatology.

Because we listen closely to our customers we know what they need. As a result we consciously avoid the assignment of the conventional pharmaceutical sales force at doctor´s surgeries; instead, we concentrate on our extensive consulting and continuing education services as part of the consilium service brand.

Read more about our consilium service, our awards (the "Goldene Tablette" and the award for the most innovative product) and our in-house nursery.


Service at InfectoPharm is called consilium

  • Scientific advisory service with leading experts in Germany
  • Practice-related training events in Germany with an individual touch
  • Certified medical publications of special issues with CME questions – also online